Our future view

Old Country Club Rd NW

Roanoke, VA  24012


   Not a whole lot to say other than most of the trees that needed to come down giving us a beautiful of the mountains that surround Salem.

Randal will work to level off the house site (with the giant yellow dozer)  and smooth out the drive and hopefully in the spring we can begin construction of the house.


Terra Firma

The View….


Salem and beyond  will be the view from the house.

Trees have come down, but we still have over 100 acres  up, down, and around the drive and house site.  Now we will have a lovely view which I haven’t quite captured but you get the idea.  Randal posts photos and videos on his facebook page which are kind of fun to watch.  He drove me up the mountain on the small green tractor and I was a bit apprehensive going over the rough terrain.  But easier than a mountain bike for sure. 


I walked down.