The End. and The Beginning

June 25, 2015

Roanoke, VA


Randal and I packed up our 4 overweight suitcases and 2 carry-ons and came home to Roanoke.  Living on the sea is a very detached way of living and living on the land is a very attached way of living.  It will take time adapting.


No longer on DoraMac

Randal and I are now what my friend Linda calls CLODs :  Cruisers living on dirt.  We were never called CLOBs  which would be a cruiser living boats, but then if you’re living on a boat I guess you are a cruiser and the rest would be redundant.  I thought I’d prefer the term land-lubber thinking it someone who preferred living on land.  But it really means someone who is a total oaf at sea and though I would never consider myself a seaman by any means; I wasn’t as bad as all that. 

“The word *landlubber*, first recorded in the late 1690s, is formed from *land* and the earlier *lubber*. This *lubber* dates from the fourteenth century and originally meant ‘a clumsy, stupid fellow; lout; oaf’. By the sixteenth century it had developed the specialized sense ‘an unseamanlike person; inexperienced seaman’, which is the same sense as *landlubber* and was eventually combined with *land* to emphasize the unfamiliarity-with-the-sea aspect.

*Lubber* itself is probably related to or derived from *lob*, a word also meaning ‘a clumsy, stupid fellow; lout’, which is chiefly an English dialect form but occasionally appears in America (for example: “He is generally figured as nothing but a lob as far as ever doing anything useful…is concerned” — Damon Runyon). Though *lob* is not found until around 1500, somewhat later than *lubber*, *lob* is clearly related to words in other Germanic languages meaning ‘a clumsy person’.”

From The Mavens’ Word of the Day (October 9, 1997)

   Randal is working with the engineers and Roanoke County for the land disturbance permit.  Then we can make the drive that will lead to the house and clear the plot where the house will be so the architect can start to draw the house plans.    I have signed up for 2 art events.  One is a morning of sketching and painting in downtown Roanoke led by a local artist.  I’ve also signed up for a watercolor landscape painting class that meets 3 times in August.  I’ve also joined the book club at the Salem Public Library because my sister had a blurb about it and so I got a copy of the book and went.  Fun!  I love libraries.   And being able to take art classes.  Both are why I was ready to come home. 

A few last photos from Marmaris


Walking from our small hotel back to the marina.  Marmaris had lots of charm, especially early in the morning when I would take my walks.

clip_image002 clip_image003

Our friends Doug and Irene rent a lovely 3 level apartment in Marmaris.  They hosted a going away lunch for us with many traditional Russian dishes.  Irene is from St. Petersburg.  Doug is a Scot!


Seval and Mehmet

Most of the work getting DoraMac ready for sale was done by Guven Marine.  Both Seval and Mehmet are wonderful people.  We took them to our favorite waterfront restaurant, Neighbors, for dinner as a thank you for all of their hard work and concern for DoraMac.  It was a lovely evening.

Guven Marine is a family business. The couple, Mehmet and Gooitske Seval Guven, are managing their workshop in Marmaris Netsel Marina.

They both have been involved in yachts and tourism for a long time. At the time they met in 1988, Mehmet was working for one of the first yacht managing & ferryboat companies in Marmaris, and Seval was working as a hostess/deckhand on a private sailing yacht.

Mehmet holds a German degree in engine construction design and a Dutch degree in computer engineering, combined into ‘mechatronics’. He is managing the team ‘in the field’ and supervising work orders.

Gooitske (her Turkish name is Seval) has a degree in tourism & hotel business and worked in different countries all over western Europe. She is responsible for the office work and public relations.

They both speak fluent Turkish, English, Dutch and German.

clip_image006 clip_image007

For a table outdoors, especially on the weekends you better reserve early!  I ordered sardines every time with salad which was sort of special and it was wonderful every time.  The wait staff were great guys! 



Testing out my small watercolor palate for the walk/sketch/ paint morning July 1st.

“The Roanoke City Market is ideal for quick studies of people, produce, flowers and architecture. Join Robin for a stroll through the market—we’ll look at the sights, shapes and colors, do quick studies and take photos as we walk around. There are plenty of benches to settle into as you refine your sketches and turn them into little watercolor or pen & ink gems. So… pick up a coffee and pastry and meet Robin at the corner of Market St. and Campbell at 9 a.m. for a fun, relaxing morning!”


My stack of library books!

The one on the top is the Salem Public Library’s next book club selection;  Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen.   Ice tea, cookies and conversation at the Afternoon Book & Tea Club.  I’m glad I have a kindle, but I love books more!

Bozuk Buku

Marine Apart Otel

Marmaris, Turkey


    We will leave Marmaris Thursday on the 11 am bus for Izmir.  Then it will be real for me.  Until then it’s just not possible to take it all in.  I am excited to be returning to Roanoke but sad to say good-bye to our friends in Marmaris.  The packing and airports, not so fun.   We will continue with our website.  We’ve met many people around the world and now we can show them the US rather than showing our American friends, the world. 

   This will be my final email until we arrive home as the computer will probably be packed away soon.  Tonight will be our last Pineapple Happy Hour and tomorrow the last coffee at Kahve Dünyası …at least for now.  One truly never knows the future and we really do like Turkey.  It has been very good to us. 



Randal chose Bozuk Bükü as an overnight stop because of its short distance from Marmaris and the opportunity to tie up at one of the restaurant docks in the bay.  Had we one more day, we would have spent more time hiking around to see the remains of the fortress walls.  We’ll have to leave it to Claes and Bertha and their kids to do the exploring. 

“Opposite the Greek islands of Rhodes and Symi, this remote bay is completely undeveloped, and sheltered on all sides. On the headland are the remains of Hellenistic fortifications. The Athenian fleet took shelter here during the Peloponnesian War.” tells much more of the fortress’ history.

The Western Shores of Turkey: Discovering the Aegean and Mediterranean Coasts

By John Freely  looks to be a good book for anyone exploring this area.


This restaurant at the ”far end of the bay ” was recommended to us.  There are 2 others in the bay.

When we arrived men from the restaurant came to catch our lines and then bring tea.  Randal, Bertha and Claes preferred beer so that was brought to the boat too.   Afternoon activities were a swim and rest for Bertha and Claes; a nap for Randal; and I went off on a hike to find the donkeys.  Then it was time for dinner at 7 at the restaurant.

clip_image002 clip_image003

Bertha was trying to show one of the restaurant staff how to use her phone for photos.  This group photo was with my camera.  Notice below the name DoraMac it now says, London UK which is where she will be registered.  And most likely she will receive a new name that reflect a strong meaning for Claes and Bertha and their family.


Crystal clear water and very rocky beaches

Docking is free but you are expected to eat at the restaurant.  Free toilets and showers are also available.  This set up is not unusual along the coast.


Relaxing with a bottle of red just before dinner. 

clip_image006 clip_image007

A charming fun waiter and a wonderful assortment of meze.  We shared two orders of grilled fish and two orders of calamari but the meze would have been quite enough!

clip_image008 clip_image009

Earlier in the afternoon I’d gone for a walk to find the donkeys.  These three seemed quite friendly and had I some carrots or apples I could have fed them.


It’s very desolate and only approachable by boat.  I climbed up to some of the walls until something hissed at me quite loudly at which point I quickly backed down the hillside.  Whether it was a snake or some hissing beetles, I didn’t stick around to find out. 

Randal and I went for a quick walk before we left late Saturday morning.

clip_image012 clip_image013

DoraMac training cruise for Claes and Bertha : part 1

Marina Apart Otel

Marmaris, Turkey


We’ve had a lovely several days! Friday morning we left for a short 2 day cruise as guests on DoraMac. Sunday afternoon we were invited to the apartment of friends for a lovely farewell lunch. This email is part 1 about our cruise to Bozuk Bükü.


Formerly of DoraMac

Claes and Bertha are experienced sailors. But DoraMac has systems new to them so we went out on a training cruise where they would do all of the work and Randal would stand-by to teach and assist. I had the most relaxing cruise ever as I just had to sit back and watch everyone else do all of the work! The sea was flat and the winds were very light; perfect for a diesel trawler. Our destination was Bozuk Bükü about 27 miles from Marmaris. It is a lovely protected bay where you can tie up to a restaurant dock for the price of an evening meal. We were told to choose the far restaurant if there was room. It’s still early in the season so we found a space along with a half dozen other boats tied or anchored there. It’s a beautiful spot where Claes and Bertha intend to return in August with their children during a month of cruising.

Practice deploying and retrieving the paravane stabilizers.

clip_image002 clip_image004

Only rough seas call for the stabilizers but Bertha and Claes wanted to learn the process while Randal was there to teach them. They handled it quite easily. While Claes prevented the metal fish from touching the sides of the boat Bertha reeled them in far faster than I ever did without even breaking a sweat. I was truly impressed!!!

clip_image006 clip_image008

I’ve never been able to take photos of this process as Randal and I were too busy doing it ourselves and there isn’t time to stop for photos.

Lowering the dinghy and dingy motor

Our second morning we left the dock and dropped anchor in the bay. Claes and Bertha wanted to see how we lowered and then re-secured the dinghy.

clip_image010 clip_image012


Bertha creating gourmet lunches!!!!



Bertha loves to cook and our lunch meals were just wonderful!

She and I had made a trip to the Thursday market the day before so there were fresh fruits, vegetables, olives, cheese and herbs for the wonderful dishes she created. Randal’s “welcome aboard” pecan pie was for dessert.


Bertha and Claes on their boat DoraMac!

We shared the special bottle of wine they’d brought for the occasion just before our celebratory dinner at Neighbors when we returned back to Marmaris.