Our new puppy!

Happy Thursday,

   I hope the terrible weather earlier this week is over for everyone and no one is freezing or without power.  Good thing we’re supposed to have an early spring.

   So we have a dog.  Actually an Australian Shepherd puppy to be exact.  About 8 weeks old.  We’ve had him about 24 hours.  He has only peed on the floor once and only cries a little at night.  Randal built a wire playpen for him where he will sleep at night and while we’re out of the house.  When he’s fully house trained then he’ll probably sleep with us.  I am conscious of not spending every waking minute with him because then when I can’t it will be harder (for both of us!)  So I leave him at times and he either plays by himself, cries a little, or goes to find Randal.  Our wonderful landlords are dog folks so that’s why we are able to have a puppy while renting. 

  Randal had an Australian Shepherd for years so that’s why we chose that breed.  He seems to ride in the car with no problem and put up with a shower to clean off some accumulated dirt from his prior life.  He is a bit wary of humans but never tries to bite or snarl when we pick him up.  He actually quite likes it.  And he seems to listen.  And today he made eye contact which he didn’t  yesterday.  I think Randal and I are his first human friends.  He lived with his litter mates and was well fed, but not cuddled or talked to.  At least that’s what it seems.  So he’s done well for being with us just one day. 


Hi name is Cruiser for obvious reasons.   Land Lubber would have been ridiculous. Hilary was out because it’s a male and he just didn’t look like a Bernie though we did consider it. 

Cruiser has a vet appointment on Tuesday at Hanging Rock Animal Hospital and then hopefully we’ll teach him about a collar and leash so I can have a walking buddy!   He’s still small enough that if he got tired I could carry him.  But as my friend Sharman taught me; a tired dog is a happy dog!  I’m sure there will be more photos to come.  He has sort of learned to “smile” so hopefully I’ll capture that next.

Oh, and I had my second cataract/astigmatism surgery this past Thursday.  All went well.  So now both eyes see distance and I need magnifiers to read close up though I can read emails with must my slightly-nearsighted left eye.  Dr Wood made it that way because I just didn’t want to be totally dependent on glasses for reading.  When my eyes are fully healed I’ll get new glasses to wear all of the time because I miss them and feel as I would if I biked without a helmet. 


Terra Firma