Chinese New Year

B Dock  Netsel Marina

Marmaris Turkey

Iyi Akşamlar,

    Any remote reason for a potluck and we go for it.  Last week we celebrated Chinese New Year.  Thanks to some really good cooks, we had the best Chinese food in Marmaris.  The fact that it might be the only Chinese food doesn’t take away from how good it all tasted.  In March it will be St. Patrick’s Day.  In between there have been birthday dinners celebrated over at Bono’s  where we fill the place and make the owners and staff very happy.  And every event is just a short walk from our boat.  B dock is great!




Chinese New Year of the Sheep celebrated at Netsel Marina in Marmaris, Turkey.

The lanterns, reflected in the window, were made by Jill and Coni and Gamze.

clip_image002 clip_image003

Jill created the wall hanging and she and Roberto dressed for the occasion!


That must have been some story Roberto was telling as Gwen, Fusun, Arif, and Gamze seemed intent on hearing every word.


I’ve named the Sailor’s Point cat Kara which means dark in Turkish.  She comes to most events but won’t enter into the room unless absolutely invited.  She does know there will be great pot luck leftovers and she’ll get her share.  Otherwise she gets cat kibble that Coni brings for her during the week when folks meet for yoga, movie night, and crafts. 

  After our amazing meal of wonderful Chinese food (even my garlic broccoli got eaten)we played Bingo.

Each card was 1 Turkish lira.  The money was divided among the winners. 


Gamze and Coni were the bingo callers.    Kan was the first to fill up one row and then he filled the second row winning some lira for each win.

clip_image008 clip_image009

But Deborah was the big winner as she was the first to fill the entire card. 


Coni checking the winning numbers.

I cannot remember the last time I played bingo, but it fun! 

Hat making part 3

B dock

Netsel Marina

Marmaris, Turkey



Hat making continues


Jane setting up her machine.  Jane is amazing and can sew up just about anything her boat needs.  She loaded up her machine and brought it to Sailors’ Point for our Wednesday session.


Deborah had sewn decorations on her hat and now was having the hat sewn together by Jane


Beginning to shape the hat


Fitting the hat

clip_image005 clip_image006

Enough decorations?  Gamze was helping Deborah place the one final star


Coni had hers fitted and now was ready to sew on her stars and moons.


Meanwhile Coni and Jill had been crafting red lanterns for our upcoming Chinese New Year pot luck dinner. 

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Hat making part 2

B Dock

Netsel Marina

Marmaris, Turkey

Iyi Akşamlar,

   If I say it has been cold and blustery here in Marmaris most of you would roll your eyes thinking I have no earthly clue what cold and blustery really feels like.  But this morning at “hat making” Deborah said she was freezing and her real home is Alaska!  She wore her new fleece hat home!  I grew up in MA so I know there’s no comparison and I hope some of that global warming hits New England and starts melting some of that snow but not in a way to cause lots of flooding.   

   Today was actually our 3rd hat making session and I still have nothing to show for it. Deborah just about finished hers and it looked really cute!   Hopefully next week mine will be finished.  I’m doing a double layer fleece to make it really warm for next season or next week depending on what our weather does.    This email was from a week ago.  I’ve been reluctant to send emails because something isn’t working so well and the pictures have become problematic.  Next week I’ll take the computer to Platin and if there’s any hope for my old computer, Fatma will work some miracle and fix it all up.  She’s a wiz!



Hat Making continues… part 2

clip_image001 clip_image002

We’d bought the material and now it was time to cut out the hats; Deborah was the first to start and then Jill fitted it to her head.


Jill Margaret Deborah Lisa and Gamze in red.


Remember Coni’s old pjs?  They became decorations for the hats.



Jill showing everyone how to do the blanket stitch to sew the decorative bits to the hat.

clip_image009 clip_image010

Gamze was working on her needlepoint and Jill on her sock even as she directed the hat making.

clip_image011 clip_image012

Margaret, a friend from the marina in North Cyprus and also now in Marmaris, is being taught the “European” way to hold knitting needles by Jill.


I was working on this painting of a whirling dervish.  It came out terrible because I left too little room for his feet and when I tried to fix it…..dum de dum dum.  Next week I’ll work on a hat!

Papier Mache wildlife

B Dock

Netsel Marina

Marmaris, Turkey


It is a good morning here. It’s supposed to rain later but just now the sun is trying to be there. I wish I could switch our weather with New England for a while. A very short while; Marmaris would come to a complete stand still, but they would get a well-deserved break.

The hat making group is progressing quite nicely. Wednesday Jane will bring her sewing machine to Sailor’s Point and stitch them together. It will be quite a fashion show when they’re done.

The papier mache exhibit at the Art and Culture Center was one of my favorite because it was so fun.



clip_image002clip_image004 clip_image006

My favorites


Wouldn’t think a girl from Cape Cod would like the shark best.

clip_image010 clip_image012

Artist Orhan Kubilay Doḡuṣ


The man smiling is the artist’s dad.


Jane Deborah Jill Coni

Hat Making Part 1

B Dock

Netsel Marina

Marmaris, Turkey


While back in Roanoke, my friend Becky and I went down to the city market to have lunch and walk through the small shops. One of those shops, “La De Da” had a quirky little hat that just seemed to have my name on it. I walked out without buying it but then walked back in to get it. Not buying it would have been a “regret.” Becky was cheering me on so that helped. It’s not really my usual style, so having Becky’s opinion was quite nice. I wore it to our first Wednesday craft meeting and it was a big hit. So the clever needlewomen among us suggested that we each make one for ourselves. Jane has a sewing machine so offered to do the major sewing. Jill said that she could make a pattern. Here’s part 1 of the hat story.



clip_image002 clip_image004

Amazingly I haven’t lost it yet! Having a spare will be a good thing. Selfie with hat!

clip_image006 clip_image008

Coni donated these fleece pjs for the project.


Jane with the scissors and Jill work up the beginnings of a pattern while Fusan looks on.


Fitting the pattern to Coni’s head.

clip_image014 clip_image016

Coni was a very patient model


Brain surgery?

clip_image022 clip_image024

This will be a very fun project!

clip_image026 clip_image028

Fusan was finishing up a sweater for Valentine’s Day! Lots of project happen Wednesday mornings. Like our paste paper and small books.

clip_image030 clip_image032

A group of us went off to buy some fleece to make the hat liners. As the piece of material was being cut for us, I yelled, “Stop!” surprising everyone until they saw me get by camera from my pack. I plan to document the entire process so needed to show us buying the material.