Le Roy and the Toilet Paper Roll

1058 Old Country Club Rd NW

Hi All,

    Instead of Hi I was was going to be “cute” and type BARK BARK but LeRoy never barks really.  Only once so far and that’s when I woke him from his couch nap with Randal. 


Randal teaching Leroy to nap.  I teach him to go for a walk.

But from the subject line you can guess where this is going  And funny enough I had just finished reading a Houzz blog about why we love our dogs even when they track mud, chew favorite possessions and want everything they shouldn’t have.

LeRoy does get many things right.  He doesn’t wet his bed.  I take him out 10 pm and 6:30 am and so far so good.  He lets me pry all those bad things he’s attempting to eat or chew out of his mouth without any real protest; like sticks and torn kitchen-mat patches and Randal’ slippers.  He was good at the vet.  He didn’t fight his first day home shower.  And he really likes people and small dogs once he meets them.  And he’s learning about come and stay. 

The toilet paper was a brand new, large, never used roll and I should have realized when LeRoy wasn’t visible and was being really quiet that something was up.  His second mistake was dragging it out of the guest bathroom and all around upstairs.  If he’d left it in the bathroom, it would not have been noticed for a bit and he could have blamed it on the toilet paper goblins or something.  Bad Leroy…..

clip_image002  The view from our room where he dragged it from the bathroom, into the hall and then back down the stairs….

clip_image003  The view from the hallway looking into the bathroom


Giving me the “stink eye” after I let him know chewing up an entire roll of toilet paper, not a good thing.


He tried to make up for it by “helping me make the bed.”


His Aunt Jessica gave him his new favorite toy that squeaks at both ends which is much less annoying than a destroyed roll of toilet paper or wet chewed slippers.  Cute isn’t he!