Back in Malaysia and off to the Med….

Hi All,

  Randal and I are back from our whirlwind stay back in the States.  We had almost 2 months but the time just flew too fast.  We made the usual rounds of doctors, dentists, etc and other than Randal’s continuing back ache we checked out pretty OK for a couple of 60 yr olds!  We spent time with family and friends but each visit was too short and saying good-byes were too hard. 

  We’ll be leaving Puteri Harbour tomorrow for our trip back back up north to Langkawi where we will repaint the bottom of the boat with anti-fouling paint, get everything in total shipshapeness, and provision for our first leg of the trip to the Mediterranean. 

  For some reason my computer is having a hard time connecting to the internet though I had no problem before we left.  Luckily Randal’s has a stronger antenna so I can use his but my Outlook address book is on my computer.  I hate computer problems.  I’ll have to test out our new Acer which also has Outlook on it (thanks Brian) and maybe it will work.  We’ll see.

  So anyway, that’s what’s happening and what we’re up to.  I know I’ve hardly written the enter time we were home.  I will try to do better.