Here we are

Hi Everyone,

  Just a quick note to say hi and tell you where we are.  Today we are in rainy Chincoteague, Virginia home to Misty the Pony and lots of migrating birds.  Yesterday we saw egrets, a great blue heron, sand pipers, plovers, red-wing blackbirds, and an eagle.  I even saw two of the wild ponies that live on Assateague Island which the wildlife refuge island here at Chincoteague.

   We arrived in the U.S. March 26th and have spent time with family, friends, doctors, dentists and accountants.  We are heading up to New England soon to visit more friends.  I’m taking some photos but have no way at this point to share them.  We’ll be back in Roanoke about May 9th and will visit more friends and a few more doctors, though both of us are fine.  Just the yearly routine stuff. 

  DoraMac is back in Sebana Cove and our friends Cliff and Ruth from Icycle are keeping an eye on her. 

  We’re loading up on books and a few boat things and lots of good memories.

So for now, from Chincoteague, VA!


ps  My poor Red Sox are not doing so well.  Hmm.  GOOOOO Sox!