Lovely Fall walks

1058 Old Country Club Road

Roanoke, VA  24017

Hello on this lovely sunny warm fall afternoon!  Go outdoors!!!!


Terra Firma

    Randal and I are babysitting Max the dog for a few days.  My sister and her husband are off to Philly to visit my nephew so we have Max.  Max and I went off for a walk on the Hanging Rock Greenway this morning.  “Trail description: A simple 1.7 mile cinder trail, winds along the edges of Mason Creek.  This rails to trails form allows for quiet solitude from the traffic.  Many walkers here in the afternoons.  Look for falling rock, historical markers and many wildflowers and wild berries” and if you go the right time of day, you can visit the beer brewery  .  We visited in 2014 with our friends Sheila and David .   It’s an easy walk that follows Kessler Mill Rd with enough greenery that you is quite lovely. 

Bottom Creek Gorge  

It has been years since I’ve been to Bottom Creek Gorge.

This past Monday my friend and former colleague, Joesephine went there for a hike.  It was a perfect fall day that had started off cold (hat gloves scarves jackets…) but had us peeling off most layers by the end.  It’s part of the Nature Conservancy and if you go note that dogs aren’t allowed even on a leash.  If you visit in the afternoon  AmRhein’s Wine Cellars Winery is just down the road from the entrance.  Years ago Randal and I hiked the gorge and then went off to the winery and it was a lovely day.

The many days of rain that had wreaked havoc on our land clearing made for a lovely waterfall.  You can hike down to the creek but we just stayed on the trail where I took this photo of the falls.




If you visit the Westlake branch of the Franklin County Public Library system ask Joesephine for a book suggestions or answers to your baffling computer questions. 


It was a picture perfect day.


Nature in our back yard!  This little creature came to visit the other day and seems to enjoy the tree leaves on the ground level branches and the sprouted bird seeds.  This morning I saw him/her heading under the fence to the golf card storage area next door.  I know they can destroy gardens in no time flat, but they are sort of cute.