Inside Villa Manzara

  Heidi and Kalle have named their home Villa Manzara, which in Turkish means view, landscape or panorama: and they certainly have beautiful views.  There is so much that is so very interesting about Heidi and Kalle so I hope that you visit her website to read about her explorations of Cyprus which sheds light on Heidi and Kalle as well.  You can see from the photos of their home what is important to them and how they want to live their lives so I don’t need to speak for them.  It is better that you read Heidi’s words which capture the magic of North Cyprus and what it means to live here.  is a link you should look at also.  Heidi has translated her love of art into a beautiful book about the art world of North Cyprus.  "Art and Creativity in North Cyprus has been four years in the making and the artists have welcomed Heidi Trautmann into their studios and their lives, and have confided in her the many experiences of hardship and ways of life that are representative of their people."  In telling about the book you learn also why Heidi thought a book like this was important to create.


Heidi and Kalle Trautmann’s Home: Light, Space, Art and Books


You walk through the front door and are immediately surrounded with art.


“We could move in and not change a thing!”

Randal leapt right into a discussion of house location and design before even taking off his coat.


Art, books, light, heat, doors that open for breezes, comfortable chairs….all the necessities of life.




A fireplace is both beautiful and essential when power comes and goes.

clip_image007 clip_image008

Going upstairs


Kalle gave the tour while Heidi prepared lunch.

There is a balcony that runs the length of the room and is used for a sleeping porch during warm months.


Art Everywhere and Books!

The hand painted lamps in the house is done by Heidi along with most of the art in these photos.

clip_image011 clip_image012

Looking in from the balcony and out from the windows.

clip_image013 clip_image014

And back downstairs.


The dining area.

Next email: Heidi and Randal cook!