Deks Walk # 10

  Cyprus is beautiful this time of year with more and more wild flowers blooming.  Our friends Heidi and Kalle are coming this weekend and we will travel down the peninsula to the tip of North Cyprus.  Randal and I went by motorbike in August when everything was dry and brown, (but lovely then too.)  Now we will see it blooming with wild flowers.  We will also attend the Annual Avtepe Tulip Festival on Sunday.  I’ll take lots of photos.  But our part of the Karpaz Peninsular is beautiful too.


Deks Walk # 10 and the Best Bacon Sandwich Ever!

Randal and I had Denise all to ourselves this walk. Unfortunately our friend Rob isn’t feeling well so Julia is staying home to look after him. Mick and his dog Dede also missed the walk. Denise very patiently spent some time explaining to me the correct way to say “My husband’s name is Randal,” in Turkish which has a double possessive ending on the word husband to indicate Randal is my husband but the name is his. Whew! Denise never gave up so I finally understood by the time we reached the top of the ridge. “Kocamın ısmı Randal dır.”


It was a beautiful Spring day with a bit of a chill.


Walking uphill quickly warmed us up.


The old stone building at the top of the ridge.


The perfect place a Deks extension or a home for two.


The north coast at our backs.


Hills and the south coast at our backs.


Arkadaşımızın ismi Denise dır. Our friend’s name is Denise.

I’m sure Denise is our friend and that her name is Denise. I hope I wrote it correctly in Turkish.


A place to sit and talk.

clip_image009 clip_image010

If we’d only brought the oranges and brownies we’d still be there now rather than back on the boat!


It’s hard to believe the place isn’t crawling with tourists! It’s so wonderful for walking. So many wild flowers now.



Making ourselves finally return back to Deks. But there were some rewards!


The best bacon sandwich in the world!

Grilled bread, salty bacon, fresh veggies and a pot of tea, YUM!!!! Or beer for Randal.

We were hungry but full of sunshine and clean air so actually took time to eat our lunch rather than just chow it down in two minutes. Then it was time for coffee and brownies!

I’d made the brownies for our “after walk snacks.” Often Julia brings biscuits (cookies) but I like to test out recipes and this way Randal and I don’t eat them all. It was a small 8” square pan and there were 5 of us at Deks to eat them, Denise, Randal, Ayup who works at Deks and Fred, a visiting friend of Denise and Erin who is here from England. I had searched the Internet for brownie recipes that called for cocoa. This recipe also uses oil rather than butter which makes it even easier. I’d been out of vanilla so used almond flavoring but the vote was for vanilla or no flavoring next time. But our friend Lewis has now kindly given me some of his vanilla so next time I’ll use the vanilla.