Just some photos of our Chinese friends and then scenery from the train.


Before we left for Tibet we spent some time with our friends Bill and Stella who incidentally built our wonderful boat, DoraMac! Goose and lamb and greens were cooked in the center pan on the wok. It was our last really good meal until we ate dinner in the noodle place just across the street from our hotel in Tibet.


Three very lovely young friends, Zoey, Singkey, and BoBo.

We took them to dinner one evening and listened to Zoey’s and BoBo’s tales of work life and job hunting. Both graduated this past June. Singkey is in her first year at University. We have known all three since 2006 when they were all school girls!


The small symbols say Doumen and the time is 6:19 am. We were at the Doumen bus station at 5:30am waiting for the bus to Guangzhou. You can see we are definitely at sea level as we cross one of the many rivers that make up the Pearl River Delta.


Traffic into Guangzhou.


The waiting station in Guangzhou.

One of the station attendants came to tell us when our train had arrived and we were able to follow some other folks looking for the Tibet train since it was a bit confusing. Randal is looking at a map of the train route. We made several stops and I don’t know if anyone got off but lots more people got on.


Low land scenery.


Changing scenery.


Towns seemed to pop up in the middle of nowhere.


The higher we went, the prettier the scenery.


Lower mountains.


During the night the scenery really started to change. I went to the “toilet” late at night and when I looked out it reminded me of flying over the North Pole. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera.


Lake and sky.


Glaciers and snow capped mountains.


Finally, the train station in Lhasa.

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