Linda and Charmaine went through our haphazard and somewhat out of date medical supplies to see what we needed to replace.  They dropped the list off at the local pharmacy Sakiner Eczanesi and today we went to collect it.  The pharmacist, Erdoğan Sakiner has always been so helpful and very knowledgeable.  Another friend we will miss!



Our friend in the Yenierenkoy Sakiner Eczanesi Erdoğan Sakiner


Updating DoraMac’s medical provisions.

Linda and Charmaine went through our medical supplies and made a list of what we needed. They took the list to Erdoğan, a pharmacist with a shop in Yenierenköy, and he was able to supply just about everything we needed. Erdoğan is also a photographer and world traveler. Maybe we will all meet again.


Linda, Charmaine, Erdoğan, and me

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