From Randal:
We had an uneventful passage today of 46 NM that took eight hours and thirty minutes. Some of that time was searching for the perfect anchorage at our destination. We chose a place in 55′ of water between a peaceful little fishing village and an island that protects us from any ocean swells. The village has about 12 huts, some with the roofs coming apart. I can only assume the habitants died or moved and now their home is in shambles. These huts are framed up with bamboo. The floor is several feet off the ground and they all have grass roofs. There are chickens and children running around in equal number. The chickens crow and the children laugh and play.
Earlier I saw about six older children walking up the beach in defiance of their surrounding just like teenagers anywhere around the world. There was a dog carrying something in it’s mouth but I could not tell what it was. There are young women washing clothes in buckets and at least one man boarded his banca and rowed out to the island to hunt for something on the beach at low tide. I saw him when he went back ashore and if he was carrying anything it could be concealed in his hands.
After anchoring Ruth went for a swim behind the boat and said she could see the bottom even though we are in 55′. Didn’t take her long to get her fill and she came back aboard, showered, and warmed us some veggie soup. We hadn’t had much for lunch and now that the passage was over, were both hungry.
If I didn’t mention it, this is paradise. The temperature outside the boat seems cool compared to the temperature inside the boat. The engine room, which is centrally located under the pilothouse, gets to 120 degrees F during a passage and keeps the boat very warm all night. Of course in the early morning it starts to become comfortable but then we start the engine and do it all over again. That is why staying for several days in one location is so attractive. The second night and there after is very pleasant.
We had to force ourselves to leave Romblon.
From Ru:
We did go from Romblon to Looc Bay on Tablas, to Ilin Island and now we are here on Tara Island, population very tiny and remote. But NO KARAOKE!!!! We will be at the Safari Park tomorrow. Not sure when we will have wifi again. For Thursday evening (Philippines time), we’ve anchored somewhere off Tara Island, somewhere about 4 miles from these coordinates 12 15.193′ N, 120 26.450′ E. Google Earth doesn’t seem to mark where Tara Island is. At 7PM, we’re ready to sleep, it is real dark and quiet. In the past, sometimes where we have docked, there’s lots of noise from Karaoke singing. So, quiet is good.
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