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Randal and I left KK on September 2nd and arrived in Labuan on September 4th.  We stayed in Labuan several days longer than planned waiting for better cruising weather.  Because of that we were able to have several lovely evenings with Elisabeth and Patrick our friends on LaBarque who also happened to be in Labuan.  ( Elizabeth and Ruth from Icicle One and I had gone off looking at local handicrafts in Terengganu and Santubong. )  We took turns making dinner and watching movies.  They had Charlie Wilson’s War and Good Morning Vietnam.  We hadn’t seen either so it was dinner and a movie.  The food was good, the movies were good and the company was great.  One of the best parts of cruising are the people you meet along the way.

We are now in Miri Marina and will remain here until October 1st if the marina has room.  There is a race that starts here October 9th so the marina will fill up with boats that are going to participate.  We don’t have the time or really the interest to participate since it takes you back to KK and we are going the opposite direction.

We are already familiar with Miri because it was our next to last stop of Sail Malaysia.  We will get out our bikes and make the round of marine hardware shops and vegetable stalls at the wet market.  There is a nice new library here too which we visited briefly our last visit.  I might even figure out how to get there by bus.

The following post is the next to last one about Sandakan which seems so long ago at this point.


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