Today was a lovely weather day, baseball day, and catch up on paperwork day, but not such a good food or shopping day.  I’ll explain.  It truly was bright and sunny from morning till evening today, slightly breezy too, so not too hot.  Randal and I each did computer work early and I followed the Red Sox/Giants game and the Yankees/Mets game.  Sox WON, Yanks LOST.  I’m happy today no matter what.  Yesterday was a bad baseball day, though Randal and I did accomplish lots of boat tasks so that helped compensate. We traveled over to Aberdeen on Hong Kong Island where we bought the outboard motor for the dinghy.  Then we took a sampan over to Ap Lei Chau and bought 4 spiffy new blue and white fenders to protect Doramac when we dock.  The fenders we have now are old chopped up tires in a white canvas covering; functional but Randal wanted Doramac to have something more fashionable and actually more functional.  The ones we bought are a lot lighter so I can lower them over the side rather than dropping them over shouting "bombs away!" and bending our railings.  Topping it off, we had the motor delivered and us and the fenders along with it.  The delivery van took motor, fenders and us for the horrible hour long hot drive through Hong Kong traffic back to Hebe Haven.  It seemed as if the tunnels had no air and it was stop and go through them.  I was afraid to breathe too deeply and find there was no air to take into my lungs.  No AC in the van either.  I was stuffed into the front seat between Randal and the driver so had no window and no neck rest.  Each time we started up my head would fly back.  The first tunnel seemed to last forever and reminded me of my one MRI experience.  But, and this is a BIG BUT, it was really great that we could have the motor delivered and that they allowed us to ride along too because it was truly the most convenient way to get us, the motor and fenders home.  A cab would have cost a fortune and might not have taken the motor.  And our driver helped us carry it all to the boat too. 
But that was yesterday…..
Today about mid-morning we walked the mile and a half to Sai Kung to get groceries and to look for washers for our water hose and to find a lock for the new motor.  We walked a bit and then Randal said Pizza Hut and I said, no, local sea food.  Big mistake on my part.  Actually not the choice of food, but the place.  Big crowded place on the waterfront.  It took too long, was too expensive, and the food was not good.  Really not good.  There aren’t many meals that I have ordered in China that have been bad, but this one was.  I truly wanted a do-over.  My meal was described as fried shrimp and taro something.  Well the shrimp was flash fried to furz and wrapped around a ball of mushy taro stuff.  And it took almost an hour to get.  Randal’s tasted ok, but reminded one of noodles covered with melted butter mixed with cheese whiz.  And there were some chewie mushrooms in it too.  But both dishes were served hot, I’ll say that. And they were large portions too.   Randal also ordered a kind of egg roll…..It had a big piece of crab leg and a small chicken thigh and a large piece of spam inside.  The beer was good and my tea was hot.  Restaurant should have been called Yuck Poo.  Oh well, you win some, you lose some. 
After "lunch" we looked for a barber to shave Randal but couldn’t find one, only hair cutters. 
Then it was off to the Welcome supermarket.  Everyone else in Sai Kung had the same idea and check out lines were really long.  But I found Gold Medal whole wheat flour and vanilla and Bisquick so Randal can make pancakes (he says).  We bought tuna and Laughing Cow spread and Philly cream cheese, and yogurt and eggs from America in cartons like at Kroger.  Put a Kroger down on the Roanoke Market and add the dock area from Annapolis and write the signs in Chinese and English and you get the picture.  We caught the bus back to Hebe Haven where our neighbor on Farfadet told us Sundays were even worse because many people work Saturdays so everyone shops on Sunday.  We thought everyone had shopped with us today.
Then Randal and I went back to our computers.  I had emailed my sister who is a nurse for help with our First Aid meds and supplies list.  There were 2 web sites with good suggestions I wanted her to evaluate.  She in turn emailed the list to Dr. Hugh Wells who kindly reviewed them for me and responded with suggestions and an offer for help.  I truly appreciate that because I do have lots of questions.  Aside from band aids, antibiotic ointment, Advil and Gaviscon I feel somewhat at a loss.  Thankfully good health has kept me ignorant, but we have to prepare for the what ifs, so I’ll learn.  Luckily I have Dr. Wells and my sister to help me.  The trick is to pay attention and not have preventible accidents or ignore small things and let them get big and infected. 
This is the place!  FriSatChuenKee.jpg
Our waiter was very nice!  Here he should have stopped Randal from ordering our horrible egg roll.
This little boy was watching someone’s party platter swim by. FriSatBigFish.jpg
FriSatTank.jpgThere were all kinds of exotic sea creatures in the tanks to choose from if you knew what you were doing. Here folks are picking theirs.
We walked over to the water and then along the pier.
These boat had various types of sea food and sold it to folks up on the public pier.  Fish were handed up and money handed down. 
Heresy, I know!  A Yankees hat!!!  But he was the man in the previous photo and here is a close up of his fish.
More fish sellers, even more colorful!
Randal couldn’t resist!  FriSatMisterSoftee.jpg
Boat fenders. FriSatFenders.jpg
In Aberdeen, at the Mcdonalds I had a Green Tea & Red Bean Sundae.  That was good!
Aberdeen to Ap Lei Chau by sampan. FriSatApLeiChau.jpg
FriSatBusRide.jpg Bus ride through Hong Kong towards Aberdeen.
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