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  I am hoping to get this off before we leave the boat this morning for our Thursday Deks Walk.  It is beautiful here in Cyprus!  I have another email to write about the Tulip Festival and will also give the link to what Heidi has written on her website.  But that’s for next email.


Karpaz Peninsular and the Avtepe Tulip Festival with Heidi and Kalle March 17th and 18th 2012

Heidi and Kalle came to visit this past weekend. They wanted to take us out adventuring along the Karpaz Peninsular and to the Annual Tulip Festival in Avtepe. They also wanted to show us the other image of North Cyprus, the huge resort complexes of Bafra which are quite a contrast to the unspoiled lands of the Karpaz Peninsular. The weather cooperated and we had a wonderful time. I took zillions of photos!

Heidi and Kalle arrived about 10 am after their two hour drive from Yeşiltepe. We had coffee and some “just made banana bread” and then headed off down the Karpaz Peninsular. I don’t know why I say “down” except we always used to say we were “going down the cape” when we went to Cape Cod. Karpaz is a smaller unspoiled, undeveloped version of Cape Cod.

Our first stop was the Golden Beaches on the south side of Karpaz Peninsular.


Wild flowers and sandy beaches.


We didn’t encounter any.


Simple but comfortable accommodations: Heidi and Kalle stayed here a few years ago.


Walking along the beach.


It really looked like this…no photo-shopping necessary.


Sea, sand dunes, and sky.


Heidi and Kalle


What a great place to spend time.


Randal, Kalle and Heidi

Kalle said that even in the summer the beaches are mostly deserted making them my kind of beach.

We left the beach and continued driving through what is designated as park land for the wild donkeys. We’d seen a few in the distances when we’d motorbiked out here in August. This time they came up to visit.


Collecting park entrance fees?


We came unprepared so had nothing to feed them.

There had once been a Neolithic community at the very tip of the peninsular, but now there are just two giant flags; one of Turkey and one of Cyprus. Randal and I visited back in August when nothing bloomed and we didn’t walk up the mound to see where the community had been. This time we did and were rewarded with lovely views.

This is the link to our earlier trip on August 6th shortly after we’d arrived in Cyprus. This link shows photos inside the monastery and the huge flags on the tip of the peninsular.


We parked the car and walked up the steep, small hill.


Looking back at the south coast and the road we’d taken.


The north coast is more forested and we saw no signs for beaches.


Looking across to Turkey and Syria below the horizon.


I just barely captured the water on both sides of the peninsular.

On our way back to the marina we stopped at the Apostolos Andreas Monastery. When Randal and I had come in August we hadn’t known anything about the small chapel at the rear of the monastery with the spring of fresh water. I only learned of it when we got back to the boat and read more about the monastery. This time I was determined to see it.


The spring water now is delivered by spigot.

The spring was supposed to have been created by Saint Andrew (Apostolos Andreas) to quench the thirst of sailors arriving at the peninsular.


The guide books mention the rocky shore.


But here is the chapel with the locked door and no access just as it was the last time we’d come.

There are no signs and no information available. I read recently that money was allocated to refurbish the monastery but so far nothing has happened.

As we walked around the monastery complex we met more friendly donkeys.


The donkey seems to be interested in the conversation of these two staff people.


For me animals trump ancient ruins every time.

Donkeys are the water buffalo of Cyprus.


These two came to visit Heidi


They actually followed us back to the car.


Where should I sit?

This one appears to be eating for two…she looks quite pregnant.

Alas we had no food to share. Next time we come I’ll load up on carrots and apples.


Heidi took this photo of the cats that live at the monastery complex.

We stopped for a late lunch and then headed back to the marina first stopping to visit with Denise at Deks and discuss any possible options for an art exhibit at the “big Deks” near Boğaz. Then it was back to the boat to relax. After a bit Randal cooked up a wonderful spaghetti dinner with some “Trautmann red wine” and “Ruth’s cocoa brownies” for dessert. Then it was time for sleep.

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