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Hi Everyone,

  I want you to meet two really nice very interesting people.  Heidi and Kalle Trautmann….


  It was serendipity and some left-over reference skills that led me to Heidi Trautmann’s website.  Heidi is an artist.  She makes art, teaches art, shares art, has friends who are artists.loves art. is her website.  I’ve mentioned Heidi in earlier emails.  Today Heidi and her husband Kalle came to visit us. (Thankfully the weather cooperated with us and not with the forecasted weather report.)  We had a wonderful time sharing cruising stories, travel experiences, home building experiences, recipes and I even got a mini-art lesson.  Heidi may not say she teaches art, but her suggestions are teaching me to think better about how I put paint on paper.  And Kalle explained to me about voppa (sardines) which I’m still on a quest to find.  Heidi and Kalle have lived on Cyprus for 6 years.  Their home is in Ye┼čiltepe near Girne and they have made lives that involve them with their community as well as the land itself.  Heidi was invited yesterday to watch a class of college theater students give individual performances before a jury of professors and artists.  In the past she was part of a team that wrote about the creation and development of libraries on North Cyprus.  And there’s lots more.  Heidi has chronicled these adventures on her website.   We have promised to visit them sometime in the next week or so when we can all work it out. 


Heidi and Kalle


Home produced wine, orange marmalade and grapefruit marmalade. 

I managed to tear up the beautiful hand-painted label on the wine bottle and I’m really sorry about that because it was quite lovely.  Kalle brought a map of Karpaz and Heidi also loaned me some art magazines she uses with her Thursday art group.  I passed along the ones I have so Heidi could share them with her Thursday art group too. 

If you visit Heidi’s website you can read her story about harvesting their olives and bringing them to the local press to be made into olive oil. 

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