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I’m having a hard time getting used to the heat again and miss the cool weather of the highlands.  I can’t imagine what the people in Tanah Rata thought of my Red Sox "hoodie" but it was cool enough to wear it.  Hoodie weather is perfect weather and I wish it would drift down from the mountains to us here at sea level.

We stopped at the Rose Centre, a strawberry farm, and a tea plantation illustrative of the wonderful fertility of the highlands.  The wet markets had the most beautiful fruit and vegetables.  Randal and I shared a snack of tempura vegetables from a market stall and later strawberries and cream at the strawberry farm.  Here are the photos from the Rose Centre.



Cameron Highlands Rose Centre Kea Farms

Our half day tour began about 2 pm and ended about 6:30. We made 6 stop so it was a bit of a rush. I wish we had spent more time at the Rose Centre and less time other stops. There was only time to rush about taking photos and not really enough time to just stand and really look at the flowers. I think it was one of the loveliest botanical gardens I have seen with everything really well cared for and in bloom.


The roses were lovely and actually had fragrance.

Randal loves roses and planted them at all of his collision repair shops. He also planted 16 climbing rose bushes along our fence at Bridle Lane. Lots of work! I sort of prefer wild flowers.


Randal, Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs.


There were hundreds of different types of flowers and plants


You felt out in the middle of the country; but we were just up above the town.


Everything goes up and there’s lots of terrace agriculture.


I took lots of photos in a very short time.


Walking back down to the shelter of the Centre before it rained.


More fairytale imagery. The red is a very “frightened” looking dragon.


He is pretty silly and tacky but kind of lovable.


A sign for the Rose Centre.


This completed puzzle was hanging on the wall of the small gift shop.

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