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We’re off Sept 7th in the morning to Rinca and Komodo Islands to see the
Komodo Dragons and other wildlife. Not sure if we’ll have cell phone
internet. here at Labuanbajo it’s often iffy

Our route for the next 2 weeks. We are ultimately heading for Bali to be
there by the 15th

Labuanbajo 8?31 .05 S 119? 51.93 E to Rinca 8? 38.77 S 119? 42.93

Rinca to T. Naru 8?20.50 S 119?00.70 E

T. Naru to Matabam 8?20.83 S 116?06 38 E

Matabam to T. Saneh 8?04. 14 S 115?12 43 E

T. Saneh to Bali (Lovina) 8?09.28 S 115?01.10 E

Hey Bruce,

Go Pats!! Hope the rope necklace charm works

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