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Hi Everyone,

   I can’t decide if it feel like we just arrived in the Philippines or if we have been here forever.  This morning Randal mentioned that we had to renew our Visa before another week passes.  So we will probably go this Monday and get it done. Apparently your first renewal is after 21 days and then changes to each month. 

   Randal has been working to get boat additions and corrections accomplished.  Cleaning up the boat’s stainless steel  and teake decks takes time.  For that we have a young man who comes to work on the boat everyday with Randal.  Gilbert lives across the canal in Olongapo City, so needs a worker pass to come into the Subic Bay Freeport Area.  I want to marvel at how odd that seems, but I honestly don’t know what it takes to get a job in the U.S. any more.  The last time I applied for a job was in August of 1979!  But no one needs a pass to travel among different cities, towns, states, etc.  You might need a business permit in each area, and who knows what other paperwork, but no one stopped you from entering an area.  I can’t imagine what that might feel like.  I test my experimental baking on Gilbert and he is polite and eats it.  Gilbert works Monday - Saturday.  I did take some too old bought bread to feed to the flock of geese in the park yesterday on my way to Olongapo City for groceries.  But my banana bread, brownies, and corn/cheese bread will get finished by humans.

    During my earlier"walk around Olongapo" I included a photo of a young man wearing a NY hat.  He, his pal, and I walked through the Magsaysay Gate out of Subic Bay - Freeport,  and across the bridge to Olongapo together, chatting about baseball.  Yesterday as I was walking to the grocery store in Olongapo, a young man passed me, smiled, and said, "Hello Boston!"  That was cool!  Made me feel like less of an outsider. And one of the Philipino boat workers across the way, another Yankees fan, chats baseball with me too.  It’s my new universal languate.  

     Today I was biking to the National Bookstore for a book called Wound Care Made Incredibly Easy! and saw several bikers going the opposite way across the highway.  We all waved at each other.  About 30 minutes later,, on my way back to the boat, they came riding up behind me and I rode back to the SBYC with the president of the Olongapo - Subic Bay Cycling Club, Edwin Sentasas.  He assured me that the club didn’t ride fast during all of their rides, but that some rides were 150 km long!  Our 20 mile ride the other day was my longest in eons, so I guess I’ll need to train a bit before attemptin a club ride.  I was always the slowest in the Blue Ridge Bicycle Club so I wouldn’t mind being the slowest here. 

Randal and I did get our immitation Boston Red Sox hats.  Not sure what the MLB or Red Sox will think of them.  It might even be a trademark violation.  But I’m willing to chance it.  I have had to replace my genuine Red Sox watch, watch band twice in 12 months, so I figure we’re even somehow.  Ru


Our new green Dora Mac - Red Sox hat on the left.  It says DORA MAC on the back instead of MLB on the side.  The shop owner said the B would look just like the one I just typed and I said fine.  But when I rode over to get the hats, Randal got one too, the B looked just like the real B.




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Ruth and Randal

Boston Red Sox hat travels the world.