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Hi Everyone,
  The first batch of photos to share from the trip.  About an hour before we left Hebe Haven on July 7th, we had our last visitors.  I had just dumped off our last bag of trash up in the dumpster and was walking back to the boat when I passed a young girl and her dad.  She instantly struck me as a neat kind of kid so when they walked over towards our boat and seemed interested I invited them in.  Her name is Victoria and she speaks English, Chinese and is learning French.  Her dad is Welsh and her mom Chinese.  We gave them a tour of the boat, chatted a bit and I told her if she looked at my online journal she would see a photo of herself and her dad.  Here you are Victoria!  Good luck in your new school this Fall.  Email me!
Shortly after that all our crew were aboard and it was time to leave Hebe Haven.  It was a great first stop.  The Yacht Club staff were always friendly and helpful and our neighbors were kind and charming; each with his/ her own interesting stories and experiences.  Lise, the lovely blonde woman on the left, had loaned me the Hong Kong Tour book I used. Her handsome Cathay Air pilot Patrick is visible through our pilot house window.  They lived on the sailboat Farfedet and had come out to see us off.
Our first stop was for fuel.  Floating boat/barges sell fuel to passing boats.  This man had a helper, his husky-like dog who was friendly, but wouldn’t always sit on command.  I watched him ignore commands from his owner.  The man on the right pulling our line to get us close to the fuel barge is Jose Bogay, Jr. our Philipino crew member.
Along side the fuel barge.  PhilPassFuelBargeSide.jpg
PhilPassFuelTank.jpg 1800 litres at $4.4 HK.  We burn about 2 gallons per hour.  We left Hebe Haven at 2:36 pm Saturday and arrived Subic Bay at about 9:45 am (and at the Yacht club 11:20 am) Wednesday.  You would have to convert litres to gallons and HK dollars to US dollars.  I’ll let you do the math.  Good luck.  According to Randal’s log we burned 171.2 gallons of fuel.  $1 U.S. = $ 7.8 HK
PhilPassMessageInBottle.jpg  My message in the bottle.  I told the finder to bring it to the Reference Department of the Roanoke County Public Library.  It may be many, many years from now; long after Randal and I are finished with all of our journeying (if you get my drift.)   But there will always be a Roanoke County Public Library Reference Department and someone might even remember who I was. 
PhilPassFuelBargeDistant.jpg  A giant fuel barge we had to share ocean space with.  No matter how huge the ocean you do cross exact routes.
PhilPassNightRadar.jpg  It’s blurred from boat movement, but this is the night radar screen and the 3 red blotches are boats.  You track them to see if you will cross routes.  CPA, Closest Point of Approach and TCPA, Time to Closest Point of Approach tell you what your eyes can’t; to know who has to deviate from their route.  There are rules just as with cars.  Randal and I shared watches from 8 pm at dark to midnight.
PhilPassBird.jpg He caught a ride for a while.  Anyone know what he is?  He has a band on his left leg.
PhilPassSunrise.jpg Sun rise day 3.  Sky blue pink!

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Hi Everyone,

Just quick to tell you we are safe and sound.  I did way better in the past 3 days than the Red Sox have done.  I seem to not suffer from sea sickness if I take a Sturgeron when I need it, though mostly didn’t need it.  I sat night watches with Randal and have started to learn to use Radar.  Everyone took time to teach me, but Dean Phelps spent the most time explaining how to use the auto-pilot screens.  Good thing too for that fishing boat just outside of the harbor to Subic Bay.  Long story, but I did save the day…then tried to ruin my heroics by hitting a wrong button.  I will write up and totally embellish the story.

Will try to post at least once or twice each week.

3:34 pm Wednesday July 11     Left Hong Kong 7/7/2007 at about 2:30 pm.

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