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Hi Everyone,

   I am  posting for the first time and am not sure how this will all work.  This is a picture of Randal using our computer.  You can see that it’s write on the fly kind of thing.  The boat yard has wireless and we are lucky to tap into it and are greatful.  But one can only sit bent over for so long and sometimes the connection isn’t so fast.  Darlene and Marino, my colleagues at the Roanoke County Public Library have been kind enough to set this up and post info.  And they have offered to help.  All of the spelling and grammar errors are mine.  I will write when new stories happen.  To me all things are amazing and all things are ordinary.  This morning I watched women exercise with fans and long scarves.  I was impressed.  But like our exercise classes, some members are good and others have no clue.  People are alike everywhere.

   It is about 80 something degrees today, sunny, shorts weather if you are American.  The local Chinese here are use to very warm weather so this feels a little cool to them.  And they are not so accustomed to people wearing shorts.  Mine are below the knee shorts, actually men’s shorts I bought last trip.  But I am wearing one of my fairly loud Boston Red Sox shirts.  So between my shirt and shorts I do get some odd looks!

Till next time 


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