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Farewell to Singkey

  Singkey is our Chinese friend who had come to the United States to immerse herself in “American” English.  September 26th was her flight home to China.  Randal and I had gone to Hilton Head to visit with her and the family from whom she’d rented a room.  Our plan was to visit Singkey in Hilton Head and then drive her to Savannah for her flight home. 

  We spent our first day in Hilton Head visiting with Singkey and seeing the sights.  The next evening Randal took everyone out to dinner.


Ruth, Randal, Singkey, Linda (mom) Ashley (daughter) and Kathy a Chinese woman teaching Mandarin in the elementary public school on Hilton Head. Singkey and Kathy both rented rooms in Linda’s lovely home.  Not pictured is Wasabe, the large lab/Dane mix who lives with Linda and Ashley.

  The next day we collected Singkey and set off to Savannah, about an hour away.  I have been to Savannah twice before.  Once on my way from Tallahassee after my last days at Florida State where I got my Masters of Library Science, I stayed with a fellow student who worked at the Talking Book division of the Savannah Public Library.  Once when my friends Kathy and Caroline and I were returning to Roanoke from having done the 6 day Florida Safari bike ride.  I really like Savannah.  Both Randal and I said it would be a great place to live.  Half of the buildings in Savannah seem to be either owned by or being renovated by The Savannah College of Art and Design.




These two parts of SCAD are across from the Savannah visitor center.

Savannah is also known for the book and movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil


clip_image007 clip_image008

Mercer Williams House

Antique dealer Jim Williams was accused of killing his young “friend” Dan Hansford.  The death took place in Williams’ home, originally built by an ancestor of songwriter and Savannah native Johnny Mercer.  I won’t tell more of the story in case someone hasn’t read/seen it.


“Described by one reviewer as Savannah’s “favorite greasy spoon,” Clary’s was made even more popular by Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil as the diner where eccentric Luther Driggers ate his breakfast and lunch. Lady Chablis is a regular patron, as is Midnight author John Berendt. Clary’s serves classic breakfast dishes, sandwiches, and burgers, along with some chicken, pork, and fish entrees”.


Jim Williams’s neighbor was just coming from her home when our tour guide pointed her out.  Apparently they weren’t exactly friends.  I might have to reread the book or at least re-watch the movie.

Just across the square from Jim Williams is Mickve Israel, the 3rd oldest congregation in America.


Looks to me sort of like a church….possibly to fit into the neighborhood.  From the synagogue website….

“Shalom y’all and welcome to the website of the third oldest Jewish Congregation in America!

We are proud of our over 275 years of history in Savannah. Our historic sanctuary was designed by New York architect Henry G. Harrison and built in 1876 in pure neo-Gothic style, reflecting the fashionable architecture of the Victorian era. It is the only Gothic-style architecture synagogue in America. Our three story Sheftall Memorial Hall addition, opened in 2003, houses our world class museum, library, Judaica shop, religious school and temple offices, as well as our impressive banquet room and full professional kitchen.

  Mickve Israel is a member of the Union for Reform Judaism.”

I had some problems taking photos from the tour trolley.


It’s a bird; it’s a plane, No It’s…… I have no Idea! 

We were all sitting on the left side of the tour trolley and the folks on the right side made no effort to move aside or make room for those of us on the left side to take photos.  So I’ve either had to crop or just leave in heads and elbows.  It was really annoying. 

That’s enough for this email.  I’ll write more about Savannah in the next email.  We’ve spent the day in Chincoteague and tomorrow will head on to Annapolis, another favorite place.

ps:  I’m watching the Sox who HAVE TO WIN THIS GAME AND TOMORROW’S GAME so I’m only sort of paying attention to what I’m writing….I can’t stand this.


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